The Self Build Wales scheme has expanded to now cater for applicants who either own their own land, or who have found land available to build on. Find out more here

For builders

Self Build Wales is designed to help Welsh builders as well as Welsh homeowners.

How the scheme helps Welsh builders

Building boom

targeted investment from the scheme.

  • Access to jobs with pre-agreed designs and planning permission in place
  • Government funding secured upfront with direct payments made to you
  • Rewards local accredited builders with local opportunities
  • Develop your portfolio in self-build and custom-build projects
  • Support structure for early disputes resolution (should they arise)


Self Build Wales provides a great opportunity for Welsh builders to get involved in a new and innovative scheme designed to help more people in Wales build their own home. The scheme aims to remove the barriers and uncertainty around self-builds and custom-builds enabling Welsh builders to focus on what they do best, building quality homes in Wales.

The Self Build Wales scheme has been established by the Welsh Government to help remove the barriers and uncertainty that prevent people in Wales from building their own homes. 

In doing so, underdeveloped or underused land will be transformed into suitable plots for new self-build and custom-build homes.

Plots are available with pre-approved designs to choose and planning permission in place.

Applicants can also access the scheme if they own their own land, or have found land available to build on.

The scheme is delivered on behalf of the Welsh Government by the Development Bank of Wales (including the Self Build Wales team).

One of the advantages of the Self Build Wales scheme is that all builders are paid directly by the Self Build Wales team under the terms of the applicant's loan agreement. Once the work has been finalised, payment will be paid at agreed milestones depending on when the related work has been completed and signed off by the Self Build Wales team and appointed building control. 

To be eligible for the scheme you must be a TrustMark registered builder.

Click here to register as a builder for the TrustMark scheme.

To assist self-build and custom-build projects, a design guide has been developed with a range of potential designs to help the applicant make fundamental design decisions before the build. Designs range in size and cost from 2 bedrooms up to 5 bedrooms. A link to the design guide can be found on an individual plot passport page.

Please note such designs are only starting points and designs can be adapted to suit specific occupants and sites. However, doing so may affect the overall building costs.

If you have any questions regarding the scheme or your application please visit our help section or send us your query via the contact us form.

You can also seek out advice on the Self Build Wales scheme from Registered Independent Advisors.