The Self Build Wales scheme has expanded to now cater for applicants who either own their own land, or who have found land available to build on. Find out more here

Applicants who wish to select a plot from the scheme

Are you interested in building your own home in Wales, but have struggled with planning permission, identifying available land or accessing financial support? 

The Self Build Wales scheme, established by the Welsh Government, aims to remove the barriers and uncertainty that prevent people in Wales from building their own homes. The scheme has secured areas of available land across Wales which you can select and build your house on.

If you wish to build a home in Wales, you can access the scheme and select one of the scheme's available plots of land to build upon. The scheme offers a development loan for up to 75% of the plot purchase price and 100% of the build costs, with no repayment required until completion of the build (up to a maximum of two years).

How does the application process work?

Find a plot

Find a plot

You can search and apply online for suitable plots. If you are successful in your application, you will be allocated a plot and invited to apply for a decision in principle to proceed

Decision in principle

Decision in principle

A soft credit search is conducted and if approval to proceed is granted, you will then need to appoint a mortgage advisor to provide advice and submit a full development loan application for funding to purchase your plot and build your home.

Decision in principle alt="Development loan finance application">

Development loan finance application

Your finance application will provide personal financial details as well as details of the final build design, costs, builders and how you intend to repay the development loan once your home is built. A full underwriting assessment will be undertaken.

Funding Offer

Funding Offer

Self Build Wales will make an offer to finance your plot purchase and build costs and your house building journey will begin!

What happens next?

  • Once any offer conditions are satisfied, you will pay your 25% plot purchase deposit and Self Build Wales will fund the remainder of the plot purchase price 
  • Self Build Wales will take a first legal charge over the plot 
  • You will appoint a contract administrator to oversee your build and the build will commence with your TrustMark accredited builder 
  • The build will be regularly monitored and inspected and funds released direct to your builder at key stages throughout the development 
  • Once the build is complete, you will repay your development loan (in most instances, it is expected that this will be done by securing a high street mortgage) and Self Build Wales will discharge their legal charge over the land 
  • Please note that if you own another property at this stage, you will be expected to sell it before moving into your new home 
  • You move into your new home!

Please note: the process laid out here is not exhaustive, and some additional conditions may be required. 

Further infomation

You will not be able to let or sell the self-build home for a minimum of five years from the completion date. 

The completed self-build or custom-build must also be your only property. 

You will be able to apply for up to five plots, but will only be offered one plot. 

You can only use a builder who is accredited on the TrustMark Scheme. 

If a plot is successfully obtained through the scheme, you are not able to apply for another plot in the future. 

You will not be allowed to occupy the property until the self-build development loan has been repaid. 


Plot priorities 

Site plots will be available to anyone to apply. The Self Build Wales scheme is designed to suit as many needs as possible. Where there are multiple applications for plots, each application will be assessed and scored based on specific priorities set by local authorities/housing association. These can be viewed on the individual plot passport pages. Energy efficiency will be a key priority for every plot. 

Please note you can still apply for a plot even if you do not meet all the priorities set for a plot.

In order to participate in the scheme all builders must be TrustMark registered. 

You can search on the TrustMark website for a local registered builder, or you can invite a known builder to join Trustmark online. 

Click here to search for a TrustMark registered builder

Click here to register as a builder for the TrustMark scheme.

  • There are no repayments to make during the term of the loan (max 2 years). 
  • Interest will roll-up and is added to the balance of the loan on a monthly basis.
  • An Arrangement Fee of 1.25% of the agreed loan amount will be payable on first drawdown (there may be scope to add this to the loan in some cases)
  • An Exit Fee of 1.25% will be payable on any amount repaid.
  • There are no early repayment charges.
  • Professional fees and charges may also apply, such as (but not limited to) architect, contract administrator, solicitors fees.
  • Land Transaction Tax (“LTT”) will apply to any land purchase, and Applicants are advised to check the LTT amount, and their affordability, prior to agreeing a purchase.
  • Self Build Wales will take a 1st legal charge over the land prior to first drawdown of funds.   
  • Applicants are encouraged to obtain independent legal advice before progressing with the scheme.

How to apply 

If you’re interested in applying for the Self Build Wales scheme, you can use our 'find a plot' function to search by location or postcode to find your plot.

Find a plot